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Coaching Packages

Read over each package to discover which kind of coaching might be your perfect fit!

Confidence is a key ingredient for success, but not just any kind of success. What matters is success on your terms! How much you believe in yourself acts like a compass in your life. As the saying goes, whether you think you can or you can't, you are right. 100% of the clients I have helped since being in business are able to believe in themselves more and are inspired to take action in the direction of their dreams. Confidence has an incredible way of increasing clarity as your self-awareness and appreciation grows. This is part of the process to knowing the best next steps to take. Interested in having more confidence and clarity in your life? Then consider experiencing for yourself the difference strengths-based coaching can make!


Being busy is NOT a badge of honor, yet there is SO much to get done. If you feel like you are always fighting an ever-growing to-do list and a mountain of distractions, then you could benefit from investing in the chance to break up with busy! Staying too busy leads to burnout and breakdowns in the areas of life where we really desire to experience fulfillment. Making the move from exhaustion to exhilaration is possible. Gain tried and true tips to allow you to protect your energy and keep recharging your life so you can be the BEST you on purpose! 


Dr. V has secrets to share with you from her successful journey of gaining increased visibility and credibility that has led to increased profitability. Wouldn't you want your next business quarter to be your best quarter this year? It is possible when you know how to develop your best plan and put that plan into action. By increasing your influence, you grow your network and net worth. This is bigger than a marketing plan. This is about a strategy that helps you to be the BEST you on purpose! Serious inquiries only as this kind of coaching is a six-session investment across six months. 


You have heard the phrase: location, location, location. However, no matter where you are in your journey, you have influence. You can lead from ANYwhere. In your company, working in a building, in the home, in the community, or in life, you have the power to lead well. This coaching package is designed for you to activate the leader within to achieve success on the next level. The introductory level for this program starts at 5 sessions and includes two assessments to empower you to assemble the building materials for the future you want to create. Experience the difference working with Dr. V can make considering past clients include a global marketing VP, software engineer at Facebook, and a regional medical sales manager. 


This series of coaching conversations helped one entrepreneur to let go of the past and go beyond the limits imposed by fear. Back when I was new to Cincinnati, OH, a business gave me space to hold free webinars that went on to set the groundwork for doing more of what I love to do most: help business owners get unstuck in their thinking so that they can soar to new heights. We can grow through what we have gone through, even the times when people discounted our ideas or sent signals that our business wasn't (blank) enough for their time, attention, or financial investment. How we think about things impacts how we approach challenges, mistakes, the effort required to bring about change, and how we interact with feedback. We can reclaim our power and face the future with hope by embracing a Mindset 4 Success.


You can do less, with less stress, and have more! How can you be more selective and effective? What can you say "no" to in order to make more room for the experiences that increase enJOYment? Explore how to work from a place of peace and power, especially while navigating all the changes + challenges you face. If you are ready to be on the journey of curating a more meaningful, fulfilling life, then this coaching opportunity is designed with you in mind. 

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