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Be the BEST YOU on purpose

Vibrant Coaching with Dr. V is a 5-Star Experience!

Client Success Stories

"One of the most gifted coaches around"

 Dr Moses has an infectious passion for people that is unmatched. Her ability to pull out one's strengths is truly a gift from God and has truly been a blessing. I highly recommend her.

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"Dr. V has an intelligent yet down-to-earth approach in her coaching"

She is obviously super knowledgeable and presents her information in a charming way that is interesting, feels attainable and not intimidating. I wanted to sign up my family after participating in one session!

"Valencia is a clear and critical thinker"

She's able to listen to people of probably any personality type and background, and illuminate their strengths in a way that helps the person understand and even value themselves more than before. She also has the skill of knowing how to have effective conversations— listening and brainstorming while moving the dialog toward beneficial, actionable outcomes. This underrated skill is necessary if you want real change. I've loved Strengths Finders for years. But the combination of Strengths Finders with Valencia's clear advising? Many people will understand and even love themselves better if they listen to Valencia's insight.

Reviews From Fellow Entrepreneurs 

"Thoughtful, Respectful, Encouraging"

Dr. V brings thoughtful suggestions and approaches to problem solving, is respectful of others' experiences, and encourages excellence.

"Coaching Is Her Calling"

She has a spirit that lights up any room virtual or otherwise. Coaching is her calling and she is answering with a bang!

"She just might help you transform your life"

Talk about truth in advertising!! Valencia’s business “Vibrant Coaching” is an extension of Valencia herself. She is the type of person who makes you feel better after talking with her, if only for a few minutes. Not only will she transform your day, she just might help you transform your life!

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