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Client Success Stories

Vibrant Coaching with Dr. V is a 5-Star Experience!

"One of the most gifted coaches around"

 Dr Moses has an infectious passion for people that is unmatched. Her ability to pull out one's strengths is truly a gift from God and has truly been a blessing. I highly recommend her.

"Dr. V has an intelligent yet down-to-earth approach in her coaching"

She is obviously super knowledgeable and presents her information in a charming way that is interesting, feels attainable and not intimidating. I wanted to sign up my family after participating in one session!

"Uplifting and Insightful"

Dr. V. is one of the most positive, energetic, and fun people I have met. Meetings with Dr. V. are always uplifting and insightful. If you need a jolt of energy to move forward, Dr. V. is your spark!

"Valencia is a clear and critical thinker"

She's able to listen to people of probably any personality type and background, and illuminate their strengths in a way that helps the person understand and even value themselves more than before. 

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